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Back to business!

After a hot, humid, and exhausting  lovely week away with the kids volunteering with my old high school, I needed a good 2 day catch up over the weekend. But today we are back in action! Sold a few pieces at the shop over the weekend, and a few more through online classifieds. Things are looking pretty solid!
The owner of the antique mall where my shop is invited me to pick her garage last week and I left with a TRUCK LOAD (literally) of goodies.  One of the most unique items she gave me was this set of legs.


Evidently it used to be some kind of quilting stand. I immediately saw it as a table base.

So I set to work working out some basic framing.


Then dismantled a pallet and evened out all the usable

Then I sanded and stained the top. While that was drying, I remembered that my husband had picked up this set of antique folding chairs for me MONTHS ago. Other than missing the center seat portion, the frame of the chairs was in great shaped. I did a coat of stain and poly then patched them up. They turned out way better than I thought they would!


After drying over night, I had a great rustic table and chairs set!


Oh- and the whole job came in under $15.


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  1. Kadi Kadi
    October 1, 2015    

    WHAT!! Love this so much!!! Did this one sell in like 5 seconds?

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