Adventures in Garbage


Even though it has been nearly a month, I have not abandoned the blog! Along with normal holiday hubbub, Jake is moving his company to a new office building right now. In the hopes of beginning regular work there by the New Year, I have been been tackling many projects over at the new office to get it ready. Every room needed painting, there were 9 desks that needed assembling, new lighting fixtures, sprucing up the kitchen area, hanging blinds, and a lot of other detail work- I felt like I was living there for a couple of days!

Thankfully the 2nd floor is just open space, so the kids have actually had a great time playing there and have been really good sports about helping get it ready. When Alex first learned about the new office, he (of course) needed to know where he would be working. After watching Jake order desks online, about a month ago, he decided he would build himself a desk.

Being my child, his instincts were to scout out what materials he had on hand and go from there. We had had these pieces of a shipping pallet in our garage for a while, and he thought they would make perfect legs. I have to agree. He grabbed a piece of plywood and got to work. Anytime Alex helps me in the garage, or works on a project while I work on mine, it is like his ultimate contentment. He keeps up this constant flow of positive energy. “Isn’t it great working out here together Mom?” ¬†— “How’s your job going over there Mom? Mine’s going great.” — “I really love being out here with you”. This kid is completely Sunnyside Up. I felt to proud, as did he, of the desk he created, and he is even more excited to get it over into his new “office”.

So, no, I have not given up on my quest of collecting garage and creating slightly more presentable garbage, I’ve just been super busy with non-blogworthy projects. Not to mention the colder¬†months make painting and sanding a lot less enjoyable when you’re fingers go numb :/

Once we wrap up with all of our Christmas Festivities I’ll be back in the garage (which never did get the clean out I was planning back in October) with a ton of great projects my brother and parents found for me. I’ve been going CRAZY not being able to work on them these last few weeks! And with global warming on my side, maybe I won’t freeze :)


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