Adventures in Garbage

Ready to Rock n Roll!

I set a goal at the start of the fall- to clean out the garage, get it organized, and then to only bring in as many projects as I can complete in 1 week. No more giant storage pile in the center. It may have taken several months longer, and a dumpster bag for me to actually get it done, but on New Years Day I breathed that sigh of relief. Even the kids were impressed!

Jake has space to work on his motorcycle,  I have space to do projects, plus an organized work bench, and the kids can even bike and scooter around in there!


Anyone who has ever seen my garage knows what an accomplishment this is ;)

So on Monday, I officially had no undone projects sitting in there! And all of my completed things were moved into the shop (still goin strong!). Which meant that for the first time since September, I went out picking for garbage gold :)

One trip to the old neighborhood and I found these goodies in like 10 minutes.

2 rocking chairs and a crusty dresser!

2 rocking chairs and a crusty dresser!

Of course when Alex saw these,  even lined up neatly and out of the way he said, without bothering to hide his annoyance  “Mom!! Why are you starting to fill this up with old stuff AGAIN!!?!”

The good news is,  I was able to finish all 3 during the week and hope to get them over to the shop this weekend.

Gotta make space before trash day! 😀


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