Adventures in Garbage

About Me

Who is she and why do I care?

Chances are, you don’t really– unless you really love garbage, crafts, and sarcasm.

If that sounds like you, drop me a line and we can go make snarky comments together in the other room.  Anyway, I’m Jodi. I’m a stay at home wife and mother who holds on to her sanity by doing hands on projects. My “specialty” is collecting furniture from streets and alleys and restoring or repurposing them. My Dad taught me to use a jig-saw when I was 8 (because I wanted to cut a Big Wheel bike in half and build a “box-mobile” out of the wooden center console box removed from an old van. If that doesn’t inspire you to want to check out my A+ ideas, I don’t know what will!). Since then I’ve been traveling further and further into that DIY/Design black hole: repainting and remodeling my bedrooms through middle and highschool, expanding my scope for decorating through college (So that not everything was The Lion King and/or Power Puff Girls), learning how to do those things on a budget as a newlywed, and then buying, renovating, and flipping a 1800’s victorian home with my husband last year. And now we are here, in our dream home in the “quiet” suburbs, wrangling my 2 preschoolers, flipping furniture, doing slightly more “normal” home projects, and having a lot of coffee.

(Oh and yes, my Dad did let me build the “box- mobile”.  It had one “great run” down the hill until the front wheel came off, quickly followed by the handle bars. Yes, our family watched a lot of Coyote and Roadrunner growing up. Why do you ask?)


  1. June 7, 2015    

    Excited for you as you begin your trashy writing

  2. Kadi Kadi
    September 10, 2015    

    hahahahaha!!! Totally forgot about the “box-mobile”!! :)

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